So after much changing of schedules we finally roll into John Critchley’s Green Door studios today at 8am. Mark C is there now loading the drums in and starting to develop the drum sounds. I’ll be getting there in a bit (it’s just down the street from me).… [ read more -> ]

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NXNE has invited The Parkdale Hookers to play this years North By NorthEast Festival in Toronto, Canada.

The show is schedualed for June 20th @ 9:00pm at the Black Bull.

More details will be available once the legal department has crossed all appropriate “T”s  and the appropriate “i” s.… [ read more -> ]

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Now you can hear the CBC Radio interview with Mark J, and Mark C on the ever crumbling economy.

Click here to listen [ read more -> ]

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Mark J & Mark C live on CBC Radio 3!… [ read more -> ]

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Noise is a very smart bass player. He said last year “if we record a Christmas song, it’ll get played every year as DJ’s and podcasters scramble for anything Christmas-like for their Christmas shows”, so we recorded Have a Parkdale Hookers Christmas Time last year which was today selected as CBC Radio3’s New Music Canada Track of the Day

Good work Phil.… [ read more -> ]

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Podcasting has been good to us and we here at Parkdale Hookers International enjoy the many podcasts streaming into our iPods everyday. No sorry, that’s inaccurate we’re ADDICTED to podcasts.

And I thought books were bad…
I just checked my iTunes podcast count and I have about a day and a half of podcasts lined up for listening.… [ read more -> ]

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We got podcasted on Insomnia Radio #45 again, I'm listening to it right now. I always enjoy the company we keep when Jason includes us in his podcasts, it's quite flattering. Really liked the Fredalba lead-off track.

Jason, if you're getting this: yes, we are compiling material for the new record so we'll get you something as soon as it's ready.… [ read more -> ]

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