Podcasting has been good to us and we here at Parkdale Hookers International enjoy the many podcasts streaming into our iPods everyday. No sorry, that’s inaccurate we’re ADDICTED to podcasts.

And I thought books were bad…
I just checked my iTunes podcast count and I have about a day and a half of podcasts lined up for listening. Everything from The Advertising Show and the The Marketing Edge, to The Mac Observers Mac Geek Gab, to the incredible Insomnia Radio Podcast. It’s almost as bad as my book addiction — ‘cept they’re free and even easier to get a hold of. Good thing I have my iPod on most of the time!

Radio over the last few years has gotten pretty stale, whereas the quality of Podcasting just keeps on getting better. And not just the sound quality – the quality and choice in the music programming itself has surpassed anything I’ve heard on radio for a long time. Take a listen to Insomnia Radio some night and see what radio should be, and should start to pay attention to if it knows what’s good for it. We even use a private podcast stream to share work in progress between the guys in R&D to the steering committee. Such wonderful things, these podcasts.

The Podcamp
This coming weekend (Feb 24–25) there is a conference here in Toronto for Podcasters of all stripes called, intelligently, enough, PodCamp Toronto
PodCamp Toronto Feb. 24-25 is FREE!

It looks like it ought to be good –– even a night of Rock down at C’est What, an old haunt of mine back when I produced a radio show at CIUT.

Stop on by, I plan to go down and see what’s what – although I’m more of a consumer than a producer, podcast wise.

For more information on conference schedules and events click on through to the PodCamp Toronto Wiki.

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