One of the side interests I have when the Hookers aren’t kicking out the jams, as they say, is writing music for films and theatre.

This week, I’ll be providing music for another RJ Downes / K. Malek production Death to Dating appearing in Alumnae Theatre’s New Ideas Festival. (Death to Dating opens tonight Mar. 14th and runs for 5 performances till Saturday, March 17th)

The New Ideas Festival is a 3 week festival of short plays exploring everything from Shakespeare to dating. It usually has a good mix of the comedic, tragic and the experimental.

Death to Dating is a light, fun comedy powered by the unstoppable Lynn Zeelenberg playing the ever determined “Lorene” ,  a woman who will do anything to meet the man of her dreams.

Unlike RJ Downes’ Modern Rituals, I won’t be performing on stage, but sitting in the control booth setting up the tracks for the right cue (well, that’s the plan at least).
I chose an orchestral approach this time, mostly plucky strings playing “Lorene’s Theme” as well as the odd sound effect added in for good luck. I’ll post some mp3’s here after the show.

Dealing with the brave new world

Since moving to a new iMac and OSX, a lot of my old midi software is now obsolete, and getting the upgrade to the new version of Cubase is still a few dollars away, it was a bit of a challenge to get into audio what was in my head.

I would up using my trusty old Mac G4 Quicksilver, running OS9 and Cubase to trigger my ESi-32 sampler, and recording the audio into GarageBand. Not elegant but it worked – it did make the inevitable changes a bit more tricky though.

Tickets are $12 for the show – and it’s good fun!

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