The Global TV Segment on Podcasting has aired, very nice that they used Song About a Girl in the leadoff/intro. Thanks again Ross for including our music in your show.

All in all an interesting piece. Mark Federman from U of T's Project McLuhan noting that mass media is no longer “for the masses” but now “by the masses” may be only slightly ahead of it's time. Alan Cross from Edge 102.1 was downplaying the imminent death of radio, stating the industry will somehow co-opt the phenomenon to its own design. Which is possble but there is no denying that the emerging phenomenon will certainly change things.

The way I see it, mass culture used to be disseminated primarily via broadcast, what we'll see now is the emergergence of “network effect” proliferation. Those who have studied the propagation of memes or urban legends will enjoy seeing bits of narrowcasted cultural bits spread via network effects (P2P, podcasting, blogging) and the ones “with steam” will cross over a “tipping point” into broadcast or pseudo-broadcast.

Example: ever heard of Sri Lankan “sensation” M.I.A? Maybe not yet, but apparently she's spreading like wildfire and primarily via blogs and P2P.

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